Sunday, 20 July 2008

My New Blog Template

As my first blog birthday has passed I thought I'd herald a new blog year with a facelift. Wish I hadn't bothered as it has caused me no end of problems and I'm not sure if it will stay like this as I'm not 100% sure if I like it!!! The old saying 'don't fix it if it ain't broke' springs to mind. I'm enjoying the rest from crafting but keeping tabs on you all.


Rainbow Lady said...

A little tip from me Ann would be to make all the writing larger, some of us oldies find it very tiny lol
Love Cynthia x

Beryl said...

Hi Ann,
I didn't realize you were in Spain. Have you been there long?
I must have missed that on the old blog page. You won't like this but to be honest I preferred the other one but it's your blog and your choice. Your work is the main thing that we come to see and I expect you'll get used to it. All new things take a bit of getting used to. Beryl xx

Rainbow Lady said...

I am sooooo very sorry I just did not get chance to do your challenge Ann. Time just ran away with me and vanished into thin air lol
Some great entries though
Love Cynthia x