Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I'm Almost Back!

Statue of Madrid Coat of Arms - Royal Palace - Opera House
Cant remember! - Plaza Mayor - Dome of Metropolis Hotel
Bernabeu Stadium - Fountain of Neptune - Friends & OH outside Prado Museum

We have had the most wonderful time with our friends and Madrid was extra special. What a fantastic city, so much to see and do. The architecture is WOW and there's something to take your breath away round every corner. Maureen and I enjoyed the shops but some were only for window shopping - €1640 for a Gucci handbag - yes, only for looking!
Unfortunately I'm not quite back fully. Yesterday I bent down to pat the dog and my back went. I spent a very uncomfortable night on the settee as every time I moved my back went into spasm. Thankfully it's a little better today so I'd better not stay on here too long and undo any good that's been done. Hopefully I'll be back to full strength by the weekend. Thank goodness for wonderful friends as where's OH when I need him - in the UK!


Beryl (bik59) said...

Lovely pics Anne, glad you had a great time. Watch out for your back though, don't stay in any one position for too long
Beryl x

Beryl said...

What a shame you're back went just after gettingt back from your hols. Looks like you were in a great place. Hope to see you back 'properly' soon and also hope your back is better tomorrow.
Beryl xx

spiritofcreativity said...

These are great photos Anne, I know you've got plenty of experience (unfortunately) when it comes to dealing with your back but do take care of yourself
Ann xxxxxxxxxxx