Friday, 15 January 2010

At Last

At last we are back in Spain to some warmth and dry, black roads and pavements.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the family when I was in UK but unfortunately the rotten weather somewhat curtailed my activities.  I never saw a blade of grass the whole time I was there but there's plenty greenery here and it's nice.  We didn't have too bad a journey yesterday until we were actually sitting on the plane and they announced the air traffic controllers in France had gone on strike, yet again, and we wouldn't be taking off for another hour and a half .... brill I thought, but we were very lucky and were only 45 minutes late in the long run.  Coming into land at Alicante was rather hairy, more like a rollercoaster as it was very windy, but I managed, just, to keep my tummy in its rightful place and was very glad when we touched down.

I have been unpacking today and getting back to normal so hopefully next week I'll get back to blogging and challenging.  I can't believe we are in the middle of January already - I thought the time only passed quickly for the elderly (no comments please!)


Beryl said...

Time is absolutely flying for me - I must be very old - or I will be soon at the rate of knots the years go by. Glad you're home safely.
Beryl xx

Beryl K said...

Glad you arrived safe and sound, albeit a bit later than you expected. I know what you mean about time flying. It's definitely getting faster
Beryl x

Christine said...

Pleased to read you are back home safely Anne, look forward to catching up with you next week.
Christine xx

Wendi said...

Glad to see you safely back home
Wendi xx

Tess said...

Delighted you are home safely - hope you can back to crafting soon. Tess x