Monday, 7 June 2010

I Won!!!!!

I won this fantastic kit today from Jen C Designs , I couldn't believe my luck.  The folks who read my blog know I'm not into scrapbooking but I've started following a lot of the scrapbook sites as there are some wonderful designers out there and lots of beautiful papers with elements to match which you can use on cards just as easily. 

The removal people are coming on Wednesday to assess how much stuff we've got to go back to the UK and how many boxes we'll need so after that I'm afraid I won't be crafting till I get home as I'll need to get packed up and ready as it's only 5 weeks now till we leave Spain.  I think I'll need a 10-ton truck solely for my craft stuff!!! 

Off now to get one or two crafty bits finished off.  By the end of tomorrow I'll be completely up to date and all DT work scheduled - having withdrawal symptoms already!  Hugs xx


Beryl said...

Wow - what a lovely set of stash to win. Congratulations.
Hope the removal men don't panic when they see your stash of crafty stuff.
Beryl xx

Christine said...

Congrats on winning the lovely stash. Hope all goes well with the removal men, can't believe it's only 5 weeks before you are home for good.
Christine xx