Sunday, 27 March 2011

Four-Legged Granddaughter!

This is our daughter's dog Cassie.  She is 3 years old and my husband just adores her.  I do too put he'd love to keep her!  My daughter got Cassie while she lived in Spain so she's a well travelled dog.  Both our two-legged and four-legged granddaughters have been staying with us this weekend.  Caitlin's not too keen on getting her photo taken - she's just at that age - but here's Cassie enjoying a treat.  We gave Cassie a shower this morning and she just stood there while George held her and I scrubbed!  She then had a jolly good shake but took off like a rocket when I produced the hairdryer!


laney said...

Anne she's a smasher!! I have a westie called Cassie!!! LOL!!her pedigree name is Cassandra, she runs a mile when I fill the bath!!!

craftykitten said...

Oh Anne, what a gorgeous dog. You made me laugh with the shower/hairdryer story. Made me think of my old dog Ben - he used to just stand there while we showered him, then gave a damn good shake (just to get his own back I think). He hated the hairdryer too!!
Dawn xx

pinky said...

She really looks gorgeous, you can tell she is newly washed, all fluffy. Need to get my squirt into the bath, he hates it:(

Beryl K said...

She's a real beauty Anne
Beryl x

KraftyKoolKat said...

Oh bless she is lovely and so well travelled as well.