Friday, 13 May 2011

Silly Blogger

I won't be posting tonight as we are off to a surprise birthday party.  No post in the morning either.  I'm really, really excited about tomorrow as I'm off on a Ladies Driving Day organised by the Fire Service Charity and I'm getting to drive a fire engine, bus and digger (that I know of, but there are other things too).  Oooooooh all my Christmases have come at once.  I'd love to drive an Eddie Stobart artic but I don't think there'll be one of them there!  There just might be an artic though, fingers crossed.  Fear not though as it's being held at a disused airfield near my home so road users are safe enough!  My daughter and granddaughter are coming along to watch and take photos so I'll keep you posted.  This post will confirm to you all that I am a strange person!!!

Blogger seems to be playing silly bloggers and I've lost yesterday's post and the one scheduled for today ... grrr.  I can't remember which challenges the cards were for so I'm not going to bother in case they get lost again but here are the cards that should have been posted.


pinky said...

Its been such a nuisance Anne, pity we lost our posts:( Hey have fun tomorrow you strange woman lol. Can't wait to see the pics.

Beryl K said...

Hi Anne, sounds like you are in for one great day. Looks as if my comments on your spotty card got lost, it is a great card and the pink one is gorgeous too
Beryl x

Doreen said...

Gorgeous cards Anne,Have a great day