Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tutorial - No Glue Box

I love those little boxes as they are so easy to make and perfect for putting little gifts in, especially as Christmas is just around the corner.  I hope you enjoy the tutorial and I'd love to see what you make.

Material Required :

5x5 inch square of designer paper
4 7/8 inch square of designer paper
bone folder
elements to decorate

The finished box measures 2 3/4 inches square.  I have used good quality paper to make this size of box as card is too bulky.  If you wish to make a larger box just increase the size of the squares, making sure one is slightly smaller than the other

Method :

Stage 1

find the midpoint of the square
don't worry about pencil marks as these will be covered over when the box is complete

Stage 2

fold corner to midpoint making sure that folds are sharp

Stage 3

take folded edge to midpoint
complete all other points until the paper looks like this

Stage 4

cut paper along black lines until it looks like this

Stage 5

fold wide point to middle

Stage 6

take folded edge to middle - the two ends will become the flaps

Stage 7

fold flaps together until it looks like this at either end

Stage 8

holding sides, take narrow point up and over the flaps to hold them in place until the box looks like this
complete other end and half of the box will look like this

Complete other square of paper in exactly the same way

Stage 9

finished product

I have never done a tutorial on my blog before although in a past life I used to write manuals for IT training classes so I found it not too difficult, however, if there is anything you are unsure about, please email me (email button on my sidebar)

Credit for the template goes to Ellanee Crafts


Sandra said...

Oh Wow, this is a great tutorial and a lovely finish to the box:) Sandra H

pinky said...

Amazing!! You should start making your own templates too, another new business idea:)

Irene said...

Brilliant tutorial Anne.


craftykitten said...

Oooh lovely little box Anne. Thanks so much for this little tutorial.