Sunday, 8 January 2012

Just a Note ...

Thanks to those who sent well wishes for my Aunt.  The x-ray went much better that she expected.  She has osteoporosis and her movement is quite restricted and very painful at the moment but, as usual, she bounced back.  Quite a few years ago she had 'cement' put into her spine as there were a couple of breaks caused by the disease and the consultant thinks that's happened again, hence the reason for the x-ray.  At 83 she is an inspiration, never complains and is ALWAYS 'fine' no matter how she feels.  I hope, if I get to that age, I will be the same.

I've also made a decision.  This year I'm going to try to blog each week day and have the weekends off.  Perhaps that way I won't feel so fed up with crafting the way I did last year as I really do, on the whole, enjoy crafting and of course keeping up with all my blogging buddies who kept me going in 2011 when Mr Mojo deserted me.

I am now going to get Mr C out of bed so we can have brekkie.  We are off to see our son and DIL this afternoon.  They have a huge garden with lots of trees and experienced BIG problems last week during the storms.  They had no electricity for 4 days as trees fell and tangled up the power lines.  They also had to take the chain saw out and cut up another tree that fell right across their drive so they could get to work.  The joys of country living!

Hugs xx



Sandra said...

Hi, Anne, Well thats good news for your Aunt and hopefully for 2012 you will have a good year and all your loved ones too! it's a great thought living in the country but so sorry to hear about the trees being effected with these terrible winds we have been having hopefully it will get sorted and maybe plant some new trees and what would be nice if they have an open fire burn the logs they are able to cut up all the very best Anne and keep crafting and enjoy your weekends off:) Sandra H

craftykitten said...

Hi Anne,
Glad your Aunty is OK (comparatively speaking!) - I think alot of older folk have that outlook, my Nan always did, bless her.
I think it is right to have "me time" too - I think we all get a bit overwhelmed with the blogging world sometimes - but heck what would we do without it I wonder??? LOL
Have a nice afternoon - don't go doing too much now!
Dawn xx

pinky said...

Your aunt sounds amazing, a real inspiration to us all. I dread to think what I will be like lol. Glad to hear you are going to be blogging (and I will be checking) weekdays and if you miss one then you have to come back on at the weekend!! So be good.

pinky said...

Opps too busy scolding you forgot to say thats pretty awful about the trees, sounds dangerous!!