Saturday, 18 August 2012


Wow, I can't believe that it's a month since I last blogged.  Lots has happened since then.  My daughter and granddaughter have moved into their new abode but it took two weeks of solid hard graft to get the flat into a livable state.  It was clean enough but the decor was ........ aaaaaah!  Thankfully my daughter was on holiday and we were at the flat every day from 9am till we couldn't bear it any longer. Suffice to say that all of the 8 doors had four coats of white paint on each side to cover the awful colour on them.  That was my first job and I never want to paint another door again!!!  Only the kitchen still has to be finished.  When we started stripping the paper off there were millions of layers.  I don't think any paper had ever been stripped in all the time the house has existed (about 100 years).  Once we got back to the wall it was up and down like the waves of the ocean so it's in the process of being replastered just now.  I have to say the carpets and decor she chose looks brilliant and you wouldn't realise it was the same place.

After they moved I'd another task to start - getting our house back to normal.  I've finally finished this morning and as Mr C is going to be asleep this afternoon I'm going to get into the craft room and see if I can stir up my mojo.

I have been keeping tabs on all my blogging friends but haven't had the time to comment.  I'm pretty busy next week with one thing and another and the following week we are away down south to our friends' golden wedding so after that I'm hoping to get completely back to normal (whatever normal is!)

Hugs to all 
Anne x


Crafty Kitten said...

Sounds like a very busy time Anne. Still at least you have the satisfaction of knowing your daughter and grand-daughter are living in a clean, beautifully decorated house with FANTASTIC doors!!! LOL
Dawn xxx

Sandra H said...

You sound as if you'll need that time away after all the work you have been doing its a lovely feeling though to get it done don't you think?! nice that your keeping us posted looking forward to seeing your wonderful creations again .....take care xx

Sarah said...

Wow Anne sounds like you've had a super-busy time of it!

Sarah x

McCrafty's Cards said...

Hi Anne, sounds like a very busy time, I hope your Daughter and Granddaughter will be very happy in there new home.
Kevin xx