Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Hi! I've scheduled this post as I'm off to the hairdresser first thing this morning to get the grey covered before we head down south next week.  When I'm finished there my cousin's wife and I are heading to see my aunt.  Since she broke her other leg (thankfully I wasn't with her this time!) about 4 months ago she's definitely not so mobile and at 83 is beginning to get frail.  Having said that she's always game to get in the car and go somewhere and has even taken to a wheelchair if there's going to be too much walking involved.  I hope if I get to her age I've the same gung ho spirit as she has.

I don't have a card to show you today.  I spent last night making shamballa bracelets for my daughter and granddaughter.  The beads have been languishing in my craft room for ages but at last, after lots of nagging from my granddaughter, I've got round to making them.  I have to say they were easy to make and I'm quite pleased with the result ... could be some more made for Christmas pressies.

Enjoy your day whatever you're up to.
See you soon!
Anne x

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Sandra H said...

Hi Anne, This is totally stunning so beautifully put together xx