Saturday, 8 September 2012

Stash on Ebay

Hi folks!
Another beautiful day and I've been sat at the computer most of the day listing my stash on ebay.  I've been able to list 100 items and still have more to go but will have to wait until next month as I've run out of my increased allowance!!!  Feel free to have a browse here, you might just bag a bargain!

Mr C is away to work so I'll need to go and take our four legged friend for her walk.  There must be some advantage gained by walking as Mr C has lost 5 kilos since his last docs check up 6 months ago ... should I try it too???

Our week away with friends was brilliant and we thoroughly enjoyed the Golden Wedding Celebrations.  We were able to meet up with another couple of friends (who flew over from Spain) so a good time was had by all.

I've got some photos to share with you of a very brave little duck who had made her nest in the garden about 2 yards from the front door of the retirement home where our friends live.  My friend talked to her every day and she didn't hiss once, until her babies were born.

Anne x 

Mama Duck keeping her babies safe

 Mama Duck taking her 11 babies to the river which is on the other side of the hedge at the bottom of the garden


Sarah said...

Hi Anne

I have just taken a look at your Ebay listings and am interested in a few items so will have to pop back nearer the finishing time. I'm pleased you enjoyed your holiday. The photos of the ducks are gorgeous.

Sarah x

Stephanie said...

I've recently listed some items on ebay so I know how much work it is to list 100 items - good luck Anne (I'm going to have a little peek myself! Adorable pictures, thanks for sharing & enjoy this sunny Sunday :) xxx

Stephanie said...

Oh No!!!! Anne, you're not really giving up crafting are you? You mustn't - not completely anyway....I'm being purely selfish of course but please re-consider xxx

pinky said...

Lots of great items on there Anne, will have to pin hubby down to bid as I haven't a clue about ebay lol. I love your photos, how sweet is that!!

Jules said...

Hi Anne

So pleased you have had a lovely week away.

Those little ducks look so cute.

It still feels sad that all your craft goodies are being sold :-(

I hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Love Jules xx