Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hellooo, I'm Back

Hi everyone!
I'm back from my holiday and hit the ground running!  What a brilliant time we had and the batteries are well and truly recharged.  Although the weather wasn't as fabulous as it could have been (one day of rain!!!) we certainly were lucky and missed all the snow here in not so bonnie Scotland.  We caught up with our Spanish friends and of course there was much chatting, laughing and eating!  It wasn't all R&R as I managed to knit up 7 little cardis for babies that are still to come and a couple for the charity I used to knit for while we lived in Spain.  I also caught up with the ladies at card class.  I used to run it but my friend June took over when we came home and it's still going strong.

Unfortunately I haven't had time to craft since coming home.  I had a day out with my daughter on Thursday as she's on holiday this week.  Yesterday I was out with my Aunt and today I've been out with my friend but hopefully once I've finished this post I'll get some crafting under my belt again.  Mr C is at home tomorrow but while he's working next week I'll need to get some housework done and play catch up with washing and ironing, isn't there always a downside!!!

Anyway, following the news that Google Reader will cease to exist from 1 July I've imported all of my blogs to Bloglovin so I don't miss anything.  By importing your blogs using one of the various apps on the web you too will be able to continue to follow your favourites.  You can follow me by clicking the Bloglovin button on my sidebar.  I'd hate to lose my own personal favourites or any of my lovely followers.  It was really easy to set up and import all the blogs I currently follow.  I also go the app for my Android (iPhone app also available) so that's me sorted.

Lastly, welcome to my newest follower, Julie Juhl.  Welcome to my wee space on the web!

Now, no more time for chatter ... off to craft.

Anne x


Sandra H said...

Hi nice to see your back xx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Welcome back sweetie. Love to see you here again. I am still following you on bloglovin.

Happy Easter to you and all your family.