Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Love and Marriage

Hello one and all!
Thank goodness I scheduled my post on Sunday as I did indeed have a lie in.  Mr C and I were out on Saturday night for a meal and catch up with his cousins and didn't get home until half one in the morning (I don't usually go out when it's dark o'clock!).  The cousins have a get-together every six months and what a brilliant night we had, lovely hotel, lovely meal and lots of chat.  At the next one we're celebrating one of his cousins' Golden Wedding so that's something to look forward to, and a new outfit to boot!

Tuesday is usually the Holly Jolly challenge but some "bandit" hacked the challenge coordinator's email and also the Holly Jolly blog so until the mess is sorted out the challenges, unfortunately, have had to be been put on hold.  I just don't understand what people get out of such mindless acts of vandalism ... but ... we will overcome.

Today I'm off for an MRI scan to see what's going on in my ears as my hearing in one ear is very poor.  This isn't a new thing, I've been like that for years as when I was a child I had real problems in my ears and my left one especially is 'very traumatised'.   I decided it was time to do something about it as I'm particularly disadvantaged when I'm in company and also Mr C has to put up with the TV being much louder than he needs but now I wish I'd never started the process as I'm really not looking forward to the scan but I'm sure I'll survive.

Off now to put on my big girl knickers, grit my teeth and get on with it.
Anne x

PS - as you will guess from the post title I was going to post a Wedding Congrats card but Mr Blogger is playing silly beggars and won't upload my card so I'll try again later on.  Watch this space! x


Sandra H said...

l agree what do they get out of it shameful they are......good luck with your scan and see you once the blog and challenge is sorted if not before xx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Glad you had a super evening out sweetie, we need one of them every now and then. Sorry to hear about the blog/email being hacked, they want shooting.
Thinking of you when you have your scan, hope they can help sort things out for you.

pinky said...

Sounds like a great night out Anne! I read about another challenge blog that went through that carry on, crazy! My ears sound (excuse the pun lol) a bit like yours, hope you get sorted. Don't you just love big knickers lol.