Monday, 14 May 2012

kitchen - before

As promised I've taken some photos of our kitchen before the work started.  Until we got the new boiler put in it didn't look too bad considering it's over 20 years old.  We needed to rip up the lino for the workies to get to the hatch so they could get under the floorboards and we also had to take the doors off the cupboard next to the back door so they could put new pipework in.  Thankfully, the transformation has begun!
Anne x


pinky said...

Getting all that stuff done first really makes you appreciate the transformation Anne, can't wait to see the finished photos.

iReneM said...

Good luck, Anne
I hope you've got your earplugs in :)

Zoë said...

Best wishes for a speedy operation. Can't wait to see the results of the makeover.

Jules said...

Hi Anne

I will enjoy seeing your makeover more than you will enjoy living in the chaos .. .. .. but it will be worth it!!

Dare I say that I think your kitchen looks better than mine does "before" never mind after LOL!!!

Have fun!

Love Jules xx

Mary J said...

Oh how wonderful Anne - bet you will enjoying cooking every single night now!!