Monday, 14 January 2013

Gorgeous Flowers

Hi folks!

I wanted to show you the beautiful bunch of flowers that was delivered to me the other day from one of my best blogging buds.  You know who you are, and I want to say a very, very big thank you to you for being so thoughtful. 

My good efforts to blog more and start card making again have been put on hold as both Mr C and I have had 'the lurgy'.  There are so many different bugs going round that I don't now which variation we've had, and although we don't feel ill, we don't feel well either so we've just been lazing about not doing much!  Our granddaughter is with us today as well as she's got it too.  

There is a wee bitty snow lying on the ground but as I type, the sun is shining, and it looks quite a decent day out there.  Let's hope it doesn't get any worse.  I do know that some of my blogging buddies are having much worse weather so stay safe and warm everyone.

Hope to be back soon.
Anne x


pinky said...

On no sounds like that bug is spreading Anne. My dil is lying with it now too. Hope you both feel better soon and that crafting is not on hold for much longer!! Enjoy the flowers, wish I had got you a bigger bunch now or maybe a smaller vase lol. Hugs

McCrafty's Cards said...

Hi Anne, I hope you all get over the lurgy very soon, we have had some snow today followed by a lot of rain so it hasn't settled, Your flowers are lovely.
Kevin xx

Sandra H said...

Oh they are beautiful Anne, x